What is JavaLab?

Free interactive science simulation(Virtual lab) written by JavaScript Simulates various natural phenomena Includes about Physics, Chemistry, Earth, Astronomy, Biology, Measurment, Mathmatics… No need to plugin add-ons Available on mobile devices and tablets also Free of charge / No membership About … more

Spectrum Analysis of Sound

Spectrum Analysis of Sound 2

This simulation analyzes the sound around you and displays it as a spectrum. The simulation works by recognizing the surrounding sounds. In the case of PC, please grant permission to use the microphone. Voice data is not stored on servers, … more

Iris and ciliary body

Iris and Ciliary Body

Iris muscles In the iris, the ‘Iris sphincter muscle’ constricts the pupil, and the ‘Iris dilator muscle’ enlarges the pupil. Both muscles work in reverse, controlling the size of the pupil. Ciliary body connected to the lens The lens of … more


Multi Alarm Program

Enter the hour and minute as text, and then the alarm will work automatically at that time. Edit (hour, minute, chime number) Setting result If you enter the alarm schedule line by line in the yellow notepad, you can view … more