Movements Simulation

3체 문제 3 Body Problem

Three Body Problem

* As the operation is repeated, the error may be expanded due to the limitation of the decimal operation. * If your computer is outside of the limits that it can handle…
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테오 얀센 메커니즘

Theo Jansen Mechanism

Theo Jansen He is the leading artist of kinetic art with the nickname of Da Vinci in the 21st century.He is famous for making wind-driven structures using simple materials such as PET…
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비스듬히 던져 올린 물체의 운동 Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion When you throw an object, the object falls down with a certain curve. The object performs a parabolic motion. This is a motion on a two-dimensional plane, not a straight…
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등가속 운동 Uniformly Accelerated Motion

Uniformly Accelerated Motion

Drop the object free by clicking on the screen. What is the relationship between the time-distance graph and the time-velocity graph?

엘리베이터 Elevator

Inertia Force of Elevator

How do you feel at each of the following moments? And why? When you start to climb the elevator When climbing at a constant speed in an elevator When I’m almost up…
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클레이 사격 Clay Shooting

Clay Shooting

Projectile motion Let’s consider the movement of throwing an object horizontally. Assuming no air resistance, there is no horizontal force, so no change in horizontal speed. In other words, it’s constant velocity…
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시간기록계 Ticker Timer

Ticker Timer

Ticker Timer It is a device to record the movement of an object by taking a spot on a paper tape at regular time intervals. A typical ticker timer is plugged into…
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인공위성의 원리 Principle of Satellite

Principle of Satellite

How cannon ball become a satellite? a. Think of cannon ball falling in parabolic shape. The trajectory drawn by the cannon ball is actually part of an elliptical orbit that focuses on…
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등속 운동 Constant Velocity

Constant Velocity

Constant Velocity Constant motion means that the velocity of the object does not change. The speed of an object changes when force is applied. Therefore, for an object with constant velocity, the…
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웹캠을 이용한 운동 분석 Motion Analysis using Webcam

Motion Analysis (with Webcam)

How to use Click on the object (usually a ball) to track on the screen. The position of the object is tracked and displayed on the screen at regular intervals. You can…
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