Atomic model

보어의 원자 모형 Bohrs Atomic Model

Bohr’s Atomic Model

In 1913, Niels Bohr proposed his quantized shell model of the atom to explain how electrons can have stable orbits around the nucleus. The atom only has certain energy levels, they are determined by fixed circular orbits of electrons around…
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원자의 크기 Scale of Atom

Scale of Atom

Zoom In Zoom Out Each click of the screen zooms in or out by 10 times. Structure of atoms This universe is composed of about 100 kinds of atoms. The size of a typical atom is about 10-10m. An atom…
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원자의 전자 배치 Electron Configuration of an Atom

Electron Configuration of an Atom

Electron Configuration is the arrangement of electrons in an atom. Electrons fill the lowest energy level first. The atomic numbers tells how far electrons are from the nucleus. And then, what other rules are there?

물질파와 드브로이의 원자 모형 Matter Wave and de Broglie's Atomic Model

Matter Wave and de Broglie’s Atomic Model

Light has both particle and wave properties at the same time. Likewise, de Broglie (France, 1892 – 1987) thought that such things as electrons which had so far been considered to be particles might possess wave nature as well (1932).…
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수소 원자의 스펙트럼 Spectrum of Hydrogen Atom

Spectrum of Hydrogen Atom

When the energy is given to the eletron by heating it, for example the electron is promoted to a higher energy level. This state is unstable and temporary. When the electron falls back to a lower level. The energy difference…
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