Planet Earth Simulation

푸코의 진자 Foucault Pendulum

Foucault Pendulum (WebGL)

Foucault’s pendulum is a device invented by French scientist Leon Foucault to prove the Earth’s rotation In 1851. The fact that the Earth rotates has been known for a long time, but…
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세계 시각, 낮과 밤 Daylight Map

Daylight Map

If you are asked to access your location, please allow it. Your personal data is not stored on the server. day and night The earth is spherical, so only half of the…
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지구와 달의 실제 궤도 Real Orbit of Earth and Moon

Real Size & Orbit of Earth and Moon

The photographs of the Earth and the moon close together that you can see on posters, etc., are designed to be easy to see. The moon’s apparent diameter is only about 0.5˚.…
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북극성의 고도 Latitude of Polaris

Latitude of Polaris

Latitude of Polaris Polaris is far from Earth. Thus, light from the North Star reaches parallel to the Earth. And since the earth is round, the latitude of the North Star varies…
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평행한 햇빛 Parallel Rays of Sun

Is Sun Rays Parallel?

Parallel sunlight The radiant energy of the sun spreads in every direction. However, since the sun and the earth are far apart, we assume that they are usually almost parallel. Ancient Greece’s…
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일식과 월식 Eclipse


Eclipse Eclipse is the phenomenon that one object hides another object, or enters that shadow. ‘a solar eclipse’ is the phenomenon that moon covering the sun. When the moon enters the shadow…
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인공위성의 궤도 Path of Satellite

Path of Satellite

As the satellite orbits the Earth from pole to pole, its east-west position wouldn’t change if the Earth didn’t rotate. However, as seen from the Earth, it seems that the satellite is…
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