Wave Simulation

Cochlear and audio frequency

The sensing part is slightly different depending on the frequency of sound. Move the slide bar to check. Cochlear Inside our ears, there is a sensory organ that senses sound. The overall…
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편광 Polarization


Polarizers are made of long chained molecules which absorb light with electric fields. When you shine a light on a polarizer, only a part of the light is passed. The materials in…
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물결파 Water Waves

Water Waves

Water Wave When you throw a stone into a calm lake, a circle of concentric waves is created and spreads around. The phenomenon that vibration created in one place spreads to the…
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사운드 분석 - 진동수와 음량

Sound Analysis

What is the main frequency of the sound around us? Please allow the simulation to request microphone access.

소리의 높낮이와 소리의 크기 Sound Wave

Sound pitch and volume

This simulation works on Edge, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It does not work on Internet Explorer, Opera Mini. The pitch of the sound is related to the frequency. The pitch of…
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소리굽쇠와 음파의 발생 Tuning Fork and Sound Wave

Tuning Fork and Sound Wave

The Tuning fork The tuning fork has a structure that combines two forked bars. When you vibrate the tuning fork, the tuning fork’s end repeats to get close and get far. The…
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파동의 전파 Wave Propagation

Wave Propagation

Reset In science, a wave is a phenomenon in which energy is transmitted through the medium. Only energy is transmitted through the waves. The medium that participates in the vibration only vibrates…
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지진파 Seismic Wave

Seismic Wave

Investigation inside earth The most obvious way to see the inside of the earth is to drill directly into the earth. However, as you enter the Earth, the temperature and pressure increase,…
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