Wave Propagation Simulation

Wave Propagation

Reset Wave In science, a wave is a phenomenon in which energy is transmitted through a medium. It is the only energy that is transmitted through the wave. The medium only vibrates but does not actually move. Not all waves … more

Tuning Fork and Sound Wave

Tuning Fork and Sound Wave

Tuning fork The tuning fork has a structure that combines the ends of two sticks. When the tuning fork is vibrated, the tuning fork repeatedly approaches and then moves away from each other. The vibration mechanism is simple, so it … more

Photoelectric Effect Simulation

Photoelectric Effect Experiment

Photoelectric Effect The photoelectric effect is the phenomenon that the electrons pop out when a light beam incident on a metal surface. It can be thought that the energy of light is transformed into the form of electrical energy. However, … more

Water Waves

Water Waves

Water Wave When you throw a stone into a calm lake, a circle of concentric waves is created and spreads around. The phenomenon that vibration created in one place spreads to the surroundings is called a wave. If you make … more

Superposition Simulation


Superposition and interference of waves Two matters cannot be in the same location. But, two or more waves can be in the same space and at the same time. Throwing two stones into the pond creates an interference pattern due … more