Heat Simulation

에어컨의 원리

The principle of air conditioner

The air conditioner Air conditioner work by using ‘evaporative heat'(a phenomenon that absorbs the surrounding heat when the liquid evaporates). The indoor unit suddenly expands the compressed refrigerant through a narrow hole.…
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PV 다이어그램 Pressure Volume Diagram

Pressure Volume Diagram

You can drag ‘start’ and ‘end point’. Thermodynamics of Gas The gas changes its temperature while exchanging thermal energy with the outside, and sometimes does work to outside as it expands or…
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온도와 반응 속도 Temperature and Reaction Rate

Temperature and Reaction Rate

Heat and molecular motion Every object is made up of atoms or molecules that are small particles that can not be seen by the eye. These particles are constantly move or oscillate…
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바이메탈 Bimetal


Thermostatic Bimetal is comprised of two metals with different coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) that are bonded together. It is this difference in CTE of the component metals that give Thermostatic Bimetals…
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물의 상태 변화 Status Change of Water

Status Change of Water

Melting point and heat of fusion When you apply heat to ice (solid), the temperature rises gradually. By the way, when the ice melts, the temperature does not rise. That is, while…
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열용량 Heat Capacity

Heat Capacity

Heat capacity ‘Heat capacity’ is the amount of heat (heat energy) that must be applied to raise the temperature of an object by 1℃. The heat capacity is obtained by multiplying the…
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비열 Specific Heat

Specific Heat

Specific heat ‘Specific heat’ is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of a substance by 1 ° C. The unit is kcal / (kg ℃). The…
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열의 전도 Conduction


Conduction When a high temperature object and a low temperature object are stuck together, the heat of a high temperature object moves to a low place by molecular motion. In this way,…
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가솔린 기관의 오토 순환 과정 Otto Cycle at Gasoline Engines

Otto Cycle at Gasoline Engines

Heat engine A heat engine is a machine that operates by moving energy from a hot space to a cold space. In this process, the heat engine converts some of the heat…
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역류교환 Countercurrent Exchange

Countercurrent Exchange

In this simulation, Red arrow indicates high temperature, blue indicates low temperature, and purple indicates medium temperature. The temperature values are for your understanding only and may differ from the actual values.…
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Carnot Engines

Carnot Engines

A heat engine A heat engine is a machine that moves itself by moving energy from a hot space to a cold space. In this process, the heat engine converts some of…
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열의 대류 Convection


Convection When you boil water in the kettle, even if you heat only the bottom, the whole water becomes evenly hot. This is because water transfers heat while moving directly. In this…
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