Reflection Simulation

거울의 원리 Principle of Mirror

Principle of Mirror

Why is the incident angle and the reflection angle the same? ‘Law of reflection’ has the word ‘law’ attached. ‘Law’ refers to a situation in which a natural phenomenon happens repeatedly and…
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반사의 법칙 Law of Reflection

Law of Reflection

The law of reflection Consider a light-ray incident on a plane mirror, the angle of reflection is equal to the angle of incidence. This is the law of reflection. When looking at…
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볼록 거울과 오목 거울

Convex Mirror & Concave Mirror

Real image and virtual image Looking at an object, we feel there is an object in it. By the way, if you feel that there is something, we say there is an…
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다중 반사 (거울 2면)

Multiple Reflections

What is Image? Our eyes are designed to sense where the light started. Even if the light did not actually start there, our eyes say there is an ‘image’. There are a…
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