Chemistry Simulation

연료 전지

Fuel Cell

Fuel cell A fuel cell is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy in a reaction in which hydrogen is oxidized to produce water. Fuel cells have less heat loss,…
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알칸(알케인) 탄화수소 화합물 Alkane Compound

Alkane Compound

Press the ‘C’ button to add carbon, press the ‘H’ button to add a hydrogen atom, and press the ‘O’ button to add an oxygen atom. The added atoms are randomly placed…
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표면장력 Surface Tension

Surface Tension

Surface tension Surface tension is a type of force that acts to minimize the surface of liquids. Molecules inside the liquid are pulling together with other molecules around them. At the surface…
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공유 결합 共有結合 Covalent Bond

Covalent Bond

What is Covalent Bond? Covalent bond is a bond formed by atoms, each of atom creates an electron pair and shares it. Because each other’s electrons are shared in pairs, the number…
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Chemical Change of Candle

Chemical Change of Candle

Paraffin, the main ingredient of candles Paraffin, the main ingredient of candles, is alkane hydrocarbons in which 20 to 40 carbon atoms are linked in a chain. It does not dissolve in…
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샤를의 법칙 Charle's Law

Charle’s Law

Charle’s Law Assuming constant pressure, increasing the temperature of the gas will speed up the molecular motion. As the gas often collides with the vessel wall, the volume increases. Conversely, if you…
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보일의 법칙 Boyle's Law

Boyle’s Law

Boyle’s Law If you press the piston of a syringe containing a certain number of gas molecules, the space of the gas molecules is reduced. Therefore, the gas molecules collide with the…
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PV 다이어그램 Pressure Volume Diagram

Pressure Volume Diagram

You can drag ‘start’ and ‘end point’. Thermodynamics of Gas The gas changes its temperature while exchanging thermal energy with the outside, and sometimes does work to outside as it expands or…
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르 샤틀리에의 원리 Le Chatelier's Principle

Le Chatelier’s Principle

Pressure and chemical equilibrium transfer According to Le Châtelier, if the pressure is increased, the position of equilibrium will move so that the pressure is reduced again. The system can reduce the…
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