Chemistry Simulation

용해 과정 Dissolution Process

Dissolution Process

Run Dissolving Dissolving means that the solute diffuses into the solvent and mixes. It is a common case that salt or sugar is dissolved in water. Solvents are often liquid, mostly water.…
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용액의 반응 속도 Reaction Rate of Solution

Reaction Rate

Reset Synthetic Reaction(● + ● → ●) How do the concentration curves of reactants and products appear over time? Press the button to synthetic reaction.

에스터(에스테르) Ester


Another fruit Another fruit Ester Ester is a organic compounds having a -COO- group in the middle of their molecular structure. Esters usually have fragrance and are found in perfumes, herbal oils…
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물질의 상태 Status


State of matter The material around us exists in three states (solid, liquid, gas) depending on temperature. Solids do not change shape and volume like ice, trees, and so on. The liquid…
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물의 상태 변화 Status Change of Water

Status Change of Water

Reset Run Melting point and heat of fusion When you apply heat to ice (solid), the temperature rises gradually. By the way, when the ice melts, the temperature does not rise. That…
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표준 환원 전위 Standard Reduction Potentials

Standard Reduction Potentials

Standard hydrogen electrode The hydrogen standard electrode is a platinum electrode plugged in a 1 M solution of H+. This platinum electrode should be in equilibrium with H+ at 1 atmosphere of…
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만약 물 분자가 직선형 구조라면? Polarity of Water

Polarity of Water

Structure of Water Molecules Water molecules are polarized, giving them slightly positive and slightly negative sides. This makes water even more susceptible to a charged rod’s attraction. As the water flows downward,…
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극성 분자와 무극성 분자 Polar Molecule and Nonpolar Molecule

Polar Molecule & Nonpolar Molecule

Switch On Polar molecule A polar molecule is a molecule with an unequal distribution of charge, resulting in the molecule having a positive end and a negative end. (ex. Water) Nonpolar molecule…
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일정 성분비의 법칙 Law of Definite Proportions 2

Law of Definite Proportions 2

Reset Pour Pour Pour Pour Pour The law of definite proportions states that in any pure chemical compound, the elements are always present in the same definite proportions(by mass). Therefore, if more…
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열용량 Heat Capacity

Heat Capacity

Reset Run Heat capacity ‘Heat capacity’ is the amount of heat (heat energy) that must be applied to raise the temperature of an object by 1℃. The heat capacity is obtained by…
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비열 Specific Heat

Specific Heat

Reset Run Specific heat ‘Specific heat’ is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1 kg of a substance by 1 ° C. The unit is kcal / (kg…
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