Chemical Reaction Simulation

일정 성분비의 법칙 Law of Definite Proportions

Law of Definite Proportions

Law of Definite Proportions In a reaction where hydrogen gas is burned to produce water, two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom. That is, hydrogen gas and oxygen gas always react…
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Chemical Change of Candle

Chemical Change of Candle

Paraffin, the main ingredient of candles Paraffin, the main ingredient of candles, is alkane hydrocarbons in which 20 to 40 carbon atoms are linked in a chain. It does not dissolve in…
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르 샤틀리에의 원리 Le Chatelier's Principle

Le Chatelier’s Principle

Pressure and chemical equilibrium transfer According to Le Châtelier, if the pressure is increased, the position of equilibrium will move so that the pressure is reduced again. The system can reduce the…
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평형 상수 구하기 Equilibrium Constants

Equilibrium Constants

You can click the particle with the mouse. Chemical equilibrium In a chemical reaction, chemical equilibrium is the state in which both reactants and products are present in concentrations which have no…
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중화 반응 모형 Neutralization Reaction Model

Neutralization Reaction Model

Click on the substance and put it in the water tank. Neutralization Neutralization is a chemical reaction in which an acid and a base react quantitatively with each other. In a reaction…
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앙금 생성 반응 Sediment Reaction

Precipitation Reaction

Precipitation reaction is a type of reaction when two solutions react to form a insoluble solid (ionic salt) A lot of ionic compounds dissolve in water, dissociating into individual ions. But when…
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용액의 반응 속도 Reaction Rate of Solution

Reaction Rate

How do the concentration curves of reactants and products appear over time? Press the button to synthetic reaction.

일정 성분비의 법칙 Law of Definite Proportions 2

Law of Definite Proportions 2

The law of definite proportions states that in any pure chemical compound, the elements are always present in the same definite proportions(by mass). Therefore, if more than a certain percentage of reactants…
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이온 교환 수지 Ion Exchange Resin

Ion Exchange Resin

Magic to turn hard water into soft water Soap does not dissolve well in hard water. On the other hand, soap is well solved in soft water. This is because hard water…
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