Oscillation Simulation

단진자의 주기 Period of Pendulum

Period of Physical Pendulum

A pendulum that vibrates can be classified as ‘simple pendulum’ and ‘physical pendulum’. A simple pendulum is a case in which the angular motion of an object can be ignored, such as…
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스프링 진자 Spring Pendulum

Spring Pendulum

This simulation ignored the effects of friction. Simple harmonic oscillation In everyday life, we see a lot of the movements that repeated same oscillation. Like below, shaky or suspended objects are doing…
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중력 열차 Gravity Train

Gravity Train

Like this simulation, if you drill a hole in the earth and throw it in, you can send it to the other side of the earth. This simulation ignores the effects of…
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공진 Resonance


Find the frequency at which the amplitude is maximum at each rod. What is the relationship between thickness and resonant frequency?