Celestial Observation

북쪽 하늘의 일주 운동 Diurnal Motion of North Sky

Diurnal Motion of North Sky (WebGL)

Pin the Earth * This is a web page using WebGL technology and do not work in Internet explorer. Diurnal Motion Fix the camera towards the Polaris at night. When you shoot for a few hours in that state, you…
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태양의 일주운동 Diurnal Motion of Sun

Diurnal Motion of Sun

Diurnal Motion is the changing view of the sky seen as the Earth rotates on its axis. What is the change in the movement of the sun during one year? What changes will occur around us as the sun’s movement…
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도플러 효과와 적색 편이 Doppler Effect and RedShift

Doppler Effect and RedShift

Most of the distant galaxies are moving away from our galaxy. Only a fraction of galaxies like Andromeda are coming to us. Scientists have found these things simply by observing the universe. How did you find out?