Light & Wave Simulation

카메라 Camera


Focus adjustment of the camera The eye focuses by adjusting the thickness of the lens. On the other hand, the camera focuses by adjusting the position of the lens. Focusing To view…
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Cochlear and audio frequency

The sensing part is slightly different depending on the frequency of sound. Move the slide bar to check. Cochlear Inside our ears, there is a sensory organ that senses sound. The overall…
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무슨 색으로 보일까?

What color does it look?

Three Primary Colors of Light Red, green, and blue are called the three primary colors of light. By combining the three colors of light properly, you can create any color. Red +…
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빛의 굴절 Light Refraction

Light Refraction

You can drag the path of light. Refraction is the bending of a wave caused by a change in its speed as it moves from one medium to another. This occurs because…
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프리즘 Prism


The speed of light is about 300,000km/s. Light travels fastest in vacuum. As light passes through the material, the speed decreases slightly depending on the material. The speed of light reduction depends…
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파동의 중첩과 간섭 Superposition and Interference

Superposition and Interference

Superposition occurs when two or more waves pass through each other. When two or more waves superimpose, the amplitudes are added together. it creates constructive interference or destructive interference.

뉴턴 링 Newton Ring

Newton Ring

Newton rings are caused by the interference of two reflections. Newton Rings are observed when light is reflected from a plano-convex lens of a long focal length placed in contact with a…
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회절 격자 Diffraction Grating

Diffraction Grating

The diffraction grating is a transparent plate with a very thin line on the surface. Light (photons) like to go in the same phase. In the same phase, constructive interference occurs. If…
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물방울에 의한 무지개 Rainbow by Raindrops

Rainbow by Raindrops

A rainbow is a natural phenomenon where the dispersion of light is most visible. As you know, a rainbow can be seen after it rains because the water droplets bend and disperse…
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편광 Polarization


Polarizers are made of long chained molecules which absorb light with electric fields. When you shine a light on a polarizer, only a part of the light is passed. The materials in…
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