핵분열 연쇄 반응 Nuclear Chain Reaction

Nuclear Chain Reaction

Run Notice This simulation is intended to understand the principle of ‘nuclear chain reaction’. The percentage of models presented may not match the actual. The nucleus was exaggerated. The electrons around the…
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에너지 밴드 Energy Band

Energy Band of Metal

Energy band and energy gap According to Niels Bohr’s atomic model, electrons in the atoms do not have a continuous energy. Electrons can only have a certain set of energy. This is…
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보어의 원자 모형 Bohrs Atomic Model

Bohr’s Atomic Model

In 1913, Niels Bohr proposed his quantized shell model of the atom to explain how electrons can have stable orbits around the nucleus. The atom only has certain energy levels, they are…
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원자의 크기 Scale of Atom

Scale of Atom

Zoom In Zoom Out Each click of the screen zooms in or out by 10 times. Structure of atoms This universe is composed of about 100 kinds of atoms. The size of…
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방사성 물질의 반감기 Half Life Period of a Radioactive Substance

Half Life Period of a Radioactive Substance

Reset Radioactive Decay Radioactive decay The radioactive material can collapses their own nucleus structure. At the same time, nucleus emit some small particles or energy to the outside. The emitted particles and…
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여러 원소들의 불꽃 반응 Flame Test

Flame Test

When heat is applied to the atoms that make up the material, some electrons have high energy levels and then fall to the lower levels. Some electrons emit as much energy as…
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원자의 전자 배치 Electron Configuration of an Atom

Electron Configuration of an Atom

Electron Configuration is the arrangement of electrons in an atom. Electrons fill the lowest energy level first. The atomic numbers tells how far electrons are from the nucleus. And then, what other…
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빛의 양자화 Quantum of Light

Quantum of Light

This simulation assumes a situation where all of the energy emitted from the candle is emitted as light of a certain wavelength. The power of the candle is assumed to be 50W.…
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