Electrochemistry Simulation

연료 전지

Fuel Cell

Fuel cell A fuel cell is a device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy in a reaction in which hydrogen is oxidized to produce water. Fuel cells have less heat loss,…
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표준 환원 전위 Standard Reduction Potentials

Standard Reduction Potentials

Standard hydrogen electrode The hydrogen standard electrode is a platinum electrode plugged in a 1 M solution of H+. This platinum electrode should be in equilibrium with H+ at 1 atmosphere of…
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극성 분자와 무극성 분자 Polar Molecule and Nonpolar Molecule

Polar Molecule & Nonpolar Molecule

Polar molecule A polar molecule is a molecule with an unequal distribution of charge, resulting in the molecule having a positive end and a negative end. (ex. Water) Nonpolar molecule A nonpolar…
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물의 전기 분해 Electrolysis of Water

Electrolysis of Water

Electrolysis of Water To electrolyze water, a dilute aqueous NaOH solution is used as an electrolyte and a carbon or platinum rod is used as an electrode. When water is electrolyzed, hydrogen…
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전기 도금 Electric Plating

Electric Plating

Electric Plating Electroplating is a technique of depositing a thin film of another metal on the surface of a metal. (-) electrode is connected to the object to be plated, (+) Electrode…
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금속의 반응성 Activity Series of Metals

Activity Series of Metals

Ionization tendency of metal The tendency of metals to lose electrons and become cations is called the ‘ionization tendency’. The ionization sequence is an ordered list of ionization trends. The greater the…
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