Electromagnetism Simulation

스피커 Speaker


Current Auto A changing electrical signal is fed to the voice coil of a loudspeaker, which lies within the magnetic field of a permanent magnet. The signal in the coil causes it…
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변압기 Electric Transformer

Electric Transformer

Touch the screen to change the number of turns of the coil. What is the relationship between the number of coil turns and the voltage? * This simulation shows only the relationship…
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호모폴라 전동기 Homopolar Motor

Homopolar Motor

The current flowing in the wire is in the X direction and the magnetic field is in the Y direction. In what direction is the electromagnetic force? ‘Homopolar motor’ refers to a…
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전선 주위의 자기장 Magnetic Field around a Wire

Magnetic Field around a Wire

You can drag the compass. Magnetic field is the area surrounding a magnet in which the magnetic force exists. The magnetic field is also formed around the conductor through which the current…
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외르스테드의 실험 Oersted's Experiment

Oersted’s Experiment

The phenomenon of magnetic fields around the current was discovered by the Danish physicist Oersted. Oersted showed students that as the current flows, the wires become hot. Then he was surprised to…
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