Conduction of Heat

If a high-temperature object and a low-temperature object are attached to each other, the high-temperature object’s heat moves to the low heat by molecular motion.

Examples of Conduction that can be seen around us

Gold, silver, iron, and aluminum are materials that conduct heat well. On the other hand, glass, plastic, wood, etc., do not conduct heat well. If you soak a metal spoon and a wooden spoon in hot water and touch it after a while, you will find that the metal spoon is hot, but the wooden spoon is not.
It feels cold when sitting in a metal chair outside on a cold winter day. However, the wooden chair feels less cold. Both metal and wooden chairs are at the same temperature, so why do they feel differently cold? This is because when you sit in a chair, and your body’s heat is conducted to metal or wood, the heat is better conducted to metal than to wood, and the body temperature drops faster.