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독립의 법칙 Dihybrid cross

Dihybrid Cross

Explore the process that takes place when the pea plant with two different alleles. In Mendel’s genetic experiments, he observed this pattern: The inheritance of one characteristic had no influence over the…
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미분 Differentiation 2

Differentiation 2

Differentiation The differentiation is to find the amount of change at a point on a graph f(x). This is like the process of finding the slope of the tangent line when you…
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현미경의 뒤집힌 상 Inverted Image of Microscope

Inverted Image of Microscope

Move the preparat. Why does the image move in the opposite direction? Depending on the type of microscope, how is the direction of movement different? * Cell image source:

달의 운동과 조석 Tides


Tides is the periodic rise and fall of the ocean surface due to the gravitational pulls of the moon and sun. Spring Tide is the highest high tide occurs during tide. Occurs…
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금성의 시운동 Apparent Motion of Venus

Apparent Motion of Venus

All planets in the Solar System revolve around the Sun in a counterclockwise direction when one views them from the north pole of the celestial sphere. Mercury and Venus are inner planets…
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병렬 회로의 이해 Parallel Circuit

Parallel Circuit

Parallel Circuit is a closed circuit in which the current follows more than one pathway. In parallel circuit, if one bulb breaks, the bulbs in the other branch stay on. In parallel…
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태양계의 규모 Scale of Solar System

Scale of Solar System

Press the button of the planet you want to go. Orbital radii of the planets has applied the average.

직렬 회로와 병렬 회로 Serial Parallel Circuit

Serial Parallel Circuit

In parallel circuit, The current splits up when it comes to a branch. The current in all the branches adds up to the current in the main part of the circuit. If…
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호모폴라 전동기 Homopolar Motor

Homopolar Motor

The current flowing in the wire is in the X direction and the magnetic field is in the Y direction. In what direction is the electromagnetic force? ‘Homopolar motor’ refers to a…
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전하량 보존 법칙 Charge Conservation

Charge Conservation

In serial circuit, The current is the same everywhere. In parallel circuit, The current splits up when it comes to a branch. The current in all the branches adds up to the…
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프리즘 Prism


The speed of light is about 300,000km/s. Light travels fastest in vacuum. As light passes through the material, the speed decreases slightly depending on the material. The speed of light reduction depends…
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