Science simulations

일정 성분비의 법칙 Law of Definite Proportions

Law of Definite Proportions

Law of Definite Proportions In a reaction where hydrogen gas is burned to produce water, two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen atom. That is, hydrogen gas and oxygen gas always react…
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공유 결합 共有結合 Covalent Bond

Covalent Bond

What is Covalent Bond? Covalent bond is a bond formed by atoms, each of atom creates an electron pair and shares it. Because each other’s electrons are shared in pairs, the number…
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The Air Pressure and Wind

If you fill the Coriolis effect 100%, the actual wind on the surface of Earth will appear. High atmospheric pressure and low atmospheric pressure The cause of wind blowing is the difference…
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Sea and Land Breeze

Sea and Land Breeze Sea and Land Breeze is a wind that changes its wind direction every day in coastal areas. During the day, a sea breeze blows from the sea to…
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스프링 진자(수평)

Spring pendulum(horizontal)

This simulation ignored the effects of friction. Simple harmonic oscillation In everyday life, we see a lot of the movements that repeated same oscillation. Like below, shaky or suspended objects are doing…
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   Radiation Places near the stove feel warmer than places far away. This is due to the direct transfer of heat from the stove without the movement of matter. This direct transfer…
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푸코의 진자 Foucault Pendulum

Foucault Pendulum (WebGL)

Foucault’s pendulum is a device invented by French scientist Leon Foucault to prove the Earth’s rotation In 1851. The fact that the Earth rotates has been known for a long time, but…
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용수철 저울

Spring scales

Spring scales The spring scale is a tool that measures the mass and gravity of an object using the spring’s elastic force. Gravity is proportional to the mass of the object, and…
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AM, FM 라디오의 변조

Modulation of AM and FM radio

* The amplitude and wavelength were arbitrarily adjusted to see it easily. * For your understanding, the frequency modulation range of FM broadcasts is exaggerated. Radio frequency The audible frequency, commonly referred…
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