Science simulation

별의 시차 Stellar Parallax - 3D VR

Stellar Parallax – 3D VR

Parallax When an object is close to me, you can use a ruler to measure the distance. But, it is difficult to measure when the object is away from me. In this…
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직렬 회로와 병렬 회로 Serial Parallel Circuit 2

Serial Parallel Circuit 2

In parallel circuit, The current splits up when it comes to a branch. The current in all the branches adds up to the current in the main part of the circuit. If…
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트랜지스터 Transistor 2

Transistor application circuit

The above simulation is based on a circuit that actually works. The transistor uses C1815(general-purpose NPN switching transistor). The resistance connected to the base is 100kΩ, and the resistance connected to the…
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인덕터 응용 회로

Inductor application circuit

An inductor, also called a coil, choke or reactor, is a passive two-terminal electrical component that stores electrical energy in a magnetic field when electric current flows through it. Inductors are widely…
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갈릴레오의 펌프 문제

Galileo’s Pump Problem

Galileo’s Pump Problem A duke living in Tuscany, Italy, in the 17th century, installed a well in the courtyard of the palace. But, duke saw the pump fail to pull water up.…
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단진자의 주기 Period of Pendulum

Period of Physical Pendulum

A pendulum that vibrates can be classified as ‘simple pendulum’ and ‘physical pendulum’. A simple pendulum is a case in which the angular motion of an object can be ignored, such as…
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검정교배 Test Cross

Test Cross

Find out how Mendel get a pure Breed. Press the button to ban a specific trait.

코일 주위의 자기장 Magnetic Field around a Coil

Magnetic Field around a Coil

Magnetic field created by electric current Magnetic field is the area surrounding a magnet in which the magnetic force exists. The magnetic field is also formed around the conductor through which the…
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LC 필터 LC Filter

LC Filter

Expect a waveform through the filter. You can see the answer by clicking on the black question mark button. Caution! Do not try to see the answer immediately. LC Filter LC filter…
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ABO 혈액형의 유전 Blood Type Genetic

ABO Blood Type

What determines a person’s blood type? You can click on the button to mate several traits. Find the gene delivery process by dragging the screen.

멘델 유전의 원리 Mendel`s Law of Heredity

Mendel`s Law of Heredity

Find the gene delivery process by dragging the screen. Estimate the proportion of phenotypes appearing in offspring.