What is JavaLab?

  • Free interactive science simulation written by JavaScript
  • Simulates various natural phenomena
  • Includes about Physics, Chemistry, Earth, Astronomy, Biology, Measurment, Mathmatics...
  • No need to plugin add-ons
  • Available on mobile devices and tablets also
  • Free of charge / No membership

About Author

  • An ordinary middle school science teacher in Korea(south)
  • 1st Winner of the 'Science Teacher of the Year Award(Science and Culture Division of Korean governments)'
  • Webmaster of Korea National Science Teachers Association
  • Had seminars with local teachers in East Timor, Vietnam and Tanzania
  • Published some books about electronic circuits
  • Had lectures about electronic circuits, coding, and MBL for school teachers across the country
  • https://www.facebook.com/dongjoonjava


  • 1996 Begin development with the form of Java applet
  • 1998 Start to service in Korea
  • 2014 Provides more than 500 virtual science simulations (Java applets code)
  • 2015 Begin rewriting Java code to JavaScript
  • 2017 Japanese service
  • 2018 English service
  • 2019 Mobile optimization
  • 2020 Supports fullscreen mode