Micro:bit Wireless Voltmeter

Micro:bit Wireless Voltmeter

You can measure the voltages between 0 and 16.5V with micro:bit. The voltmeter must be supplied with 5V USB power. Do not measure excessively high voltages. It can damage the micro:bit. If the voltmeter terminal is not connected, a random … more

Newton's Cradle

Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s cradle Newton’s cradle consists of five iron balls, each hanging on two threads to prevent the ball from spinning. Originally Newton’s cradle was created to demonstrate Newton’s third law. If you collide a ball from one side, the exact … more

Conservation of Mechanical Energy

Mechanical Energy Conversion 2

Mechanical energy As the roller coaster descends from a high place, the height decreases, and the speed increases, so the potential energy decreases, and the kinetic energy increases. Therefore, potential energy is converted into kinetic energy while the roller coaster … more

Capacitor's characteristic

The charging and discharging characteristics of capacitor。

Switch up to start charging, and switch down to start discharging. The measured voltage is recorded automatically when charging or discharging starts. You can change the measuring point by moving the probe. For accurate measurement, operate the switch after fully … more