Micro:bit Servo Motor Tester / A Staring Robot (Eyebot v2)

About this program

This program combines a servo motor tester and a human-looking robot.
A staring robot equals the v1. Check out the previous v1 video to see what kind of robot it is.

Parts list

The parts list is at the bottom of the link below.

Robot parts

Print robot parts with a 3D printer. The eyes are white, the pupils are black, and other parts are printed in different colors.

Robot making

  1. Connect one servo to P1 and the other to P2.
    If you use the expansion board, you can connect it conveniently.
    사람이 나타나면 잠에서 깨어나 쳐다보는 로봇
  2. Pair with micro:bit. And set the angle of P1 servo and P2 servo to 90˚ respectively.
  3. Assemble a robot with parts printed by a 3D printer.
    Servo motor tester / Staring robot v2Servo motor tester / Staring robot v2
  4. Click 'Eyebot' on the radio switch to activate the robot.