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여러 원소들의 불꽃 반응 Flame Test

Flame Test

When heat is applied to the atoms that make up the material, some electrons have high energy levels and then fall to the lower levels. Some electrons emit as much energy as…
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전자기파의 종류 Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic Waves

Touch the screen to change the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave. Electromagnetic radiation refers to the waves of the electromagnetic field, radiating through space-time, carrying electromagnetic radiant energy. It includes radio waves,…
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태양의 일주운동 Diurnal Motion of Sun

Diurnal Motion of Sun

Diurnal Motion is the changing view of the sky seen as the Earth rotates on its axis. What is the change in the movement of the sun during one year? What changes…
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원의 넓이 구하기 Area of Circle

Area of Circle

How to calculate the area of a circle If you cut the circles and put them on each other, they gradually become a shape close to the rectangle. At this time, the…
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도플러 효과와 적색 편이 Doppler Effect and RedShift

Doppler Effect and RedShift

Doppler Effect We have heard an ambulance sirens and felt that the ambulance is getting closer. When the ambulance approaches, the sirens sound higher, and when they move away, the sirens sound…
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Phase of Venus

Phase of Venus

What is the difference between Geocentric theory and Copernican theory? What is the phase of Venus, which can not be found in the Geocentric theory?

영의 이중 슬릿 Young's Double Slit

Young’s Double Slit

The spacing and position of the slits can be adjusted. Young’s Double Slit experiment is a phenomenon in which light passing through two slits creates a specific pattern. Each slit acts as…
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원자의 전자 배치 Electron Configuration of an Atom

Electron Configuration of an Atom

Electron Configuration is the arrangement of electrons in an atom. Electrons fill the lowest energy level first. The atomic numbers tells how far electrons are from the nucleus. And then, what other…
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막대자석 주위의 자기장 Magnetic Field around a Bar Magnet

Magnetic Field around a Bar Magnet

Magnetic field is the area surrounding a magnet in which the magnetic force exists. The lines of magnetic field from a bar magnet form closed lines. By convention, the field direction is…
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공진 Resonance


Find the frequency at which the amplitude is maximum at each rod. What is the relationship between thickness and resonant frequency?

탄화수소 Hydrocarbon

Covalent Bonds of Hydrocarbon

When atoms combine to form molecules, atoms generally each lose, gain, or share valence electrons until they attain or share eight. A valence electron is the outer shell electron that is associated…
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두 파동의 중첩 Superposition


Superposition occurs when two or more waves pass through each other. When two or more waves superimpose, the amplitudes are added together. it creates constructive interference or destructive interference.