Tidal Force


Tidal force

Because the earth is not a point(·), it is a rigid body(●) with a certain volume, so the gravity on each part is slightly different. This difference in gravity applies to all objects with a certain volume. In the case of the earth, the sea is attracted by the moon. However, in the case of a satellite that revolves around a large planet, it can not withstand this force, and the satellite itself can be destroyed.
Saturn’s rings are known to have been destroyed as such.

Reason the high tide in the opposite direction of the moon

There are two types of forces that affect the sea waters of the earth.

  1. Gravity of the moon: The gravity of the moon is not parallel, but is tilted slightly toward the moon.
  2. Centrifugal force: This force is some kind of inertial force that occurs because the rotational motion around the EMB(Earth-Moon common mass center).

By combining these two forces, you will see the tidal forces acting to the Earth.