RGB Filter (with Webcam)


If three primary colors of light (red, green, blue) are illuminated in a dark place, how will it look?

Notice & Information

  1. The following web browsers are currently supported:
    • Windows: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome
    • Android: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome
    • iOS: Safari
  2. Please use with high-performance CPU for smooth image processing.(PC or laptop recommended)
  3. Camera images are not stored on the server (privacy protection).
  4. If the screen rotates 90 ° or you have a sudden malfunction, restart your web browser.

Three primary colors of light

Red, green, and blue are called the three primary colors of light. You can create any color by adjusting the light of these three colors appropriately.

Mixed three primary lights

  • red + green = yellow
  • red + blue = magenta
  • green + blue = cyan

Combining the lights of various colors increases the amount of light coming into the eyes, so it looks brighter.