Motion Analysis (with Webcam)


How to use

  1. Click on the object (usually a ball) to track on the screen.
  2. The position of the object is tracked and displayed on the screen at regular intervals.
  3. You can adjust the number of points displayed on the screen and the number of tracking times per second by clicking the button.
  4. Please refer to the video below for more information.

Notice & Information

  1. The following web browsers are currently supported:
    • Windows: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome
    • Android: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome
    • iOS: Safari
  2. The color of the object to be tracked should be as distinctive as possible from the surrounding background.
  3. Please use with high-performance CPU for smooth image processing.(PC or laptop recommended)
  4. Camera images are not stored on the server (privacy protection).
  5. If the screen rotates 90 ° or you have a sudden malfunction, restart your web browser.