RGB Color Combination


Three primary colors of light

Red, green, and blue are called the three primary colors of light. You can create any color by adjusting the light of these three colors appropriately.

Mixed three primary lights

  • red + green = yellow
  • red + blue = magenta
  • green + blue = cyan

Combining the lights of various colors increases the amount of light coming into the eyes, so it looks brighter.

Color and Eye Recognition

Light has a different color depending on the wavelength (or frequency).
So, how do people perceive color? It is done by cone cells, cells that sense the color in the retina of the eye. There are three kinds of cone cells, each one strongly recognizing the red, green, and blue light. That is why more than two types are used at the same time to recognize this combination as light synthesized in the brain. In fact, we can make all colors by combining red, green, and blue light properly. Television and monitor screens are the most representative.