Micro:bit Temperature, Atmospheric pressure sensor (BMP280)

You can connect the sensor to the left or right side of the board. (Where it can be connected varies depending on the connector type.)
When connecting a sensor, the (+) and (-) poles of the power supply cross each other in an X shape. Please be careful.

Micro:bit Temperature, Atmospheric pressure sensor (BMP280)

Microbit Logger Inside the Syringe\

BMP280 is a sensor that can quickly and precisely measure the temperature and atmospheric pressure.
However, the measurement range of atmospheric pressure is 300 to 1100 hPa, so there is a risk of errors occurring when measuring higher than atmospheric pressure.
BMP280 does not have a humidity measurement function. To measure humidity, please use BME280.

  1. You have to connect a 5V USB power source. (3V battery cannot be used)
  2. Micro:bit only works with v2.00 or later products.
  3. Please use the Chrome browser if possible. It may not work in the in-app browser of social media (e.g. Facebook).
  4. It works on a PC or Android device that supports Bluetooth. Operation on Apple devices is not guaranteed.
  5. This app consumes a lot of CPU resources. Make sure your smart device’s CPU performance is good enough.
  6. Firmware installation is required on the micro:bit for first use. Click the ‘Firmware Download’ link to install it on your micro:bit. You don’t need to access ‘makecode.microbit.org’ since you just need to save the file to the microbit folder.Firmware Download
  7. If the connection to the micro:bit is successful, ‘B'(BMP280) will be displayed on the micro:bit’s LED.
  8. If the connection doesn’t work, turn the micro:bit completely off and back on, or click the reset button on the back.

Parts list

The parts list is at the bottom of the link below.