Bernoulli's Principle - JavaLab

Bernoulli’s Principle

This simulation is

programmed so that the average velocity of fluid particles flowing through the pipe is constant.
What does it mean that the fluid collides against the inner wall of the tube?
If the fluid begins to flow in one direction, why would it reduce the number of collisions on the inner wall?
What is the relationship between fluid flow and pressure?

Bernoulli’s Principle

If the fluid only flows in one direction, there is no movement in the other direction. If the fluid flows only in the x-axis direction in the three-dimensional space, the pressure is lowered in the y-axis and z-axis directions.
In 1783, Bernoulli summarized the phenomenon of the pressure drop as fluid flow speeded up.

The Air Compressed Sprayer is based on Bernoulli’s principle.
When the straw is blown, the pressure on the wall of the straw is lowered, and the atmospheric pressure pushes the water up. Spraying occurs when the wind scatters the water.