Micro:bit Wireless Built-in Thermometer

Javalab MBL Accelerometer

You can record the temperature changes with the Micro:bit’s built-in thermometer.

  1. Micro:bit only works with v2.00 or later products.
  2. Please use the Chrome browser if possible. It may not work in the in-app browser of social media (e.g. Facebook).
  3. It works on a PC or Android device that supports Bluetooth. Operation on Apple devices is not guaranteed.
  4. This app consumes a lot of CPU resources. Make sure your smart device’s CPU performance is good enough.
  5. Firmware installation is required on the micro:bit for first use. Click the ‘Firmware Download’ link to install it on your micro:bit. You don’t need to access ‘makecode.microbit.org’ since you just need to save the file to the microbit folder.Firmware Download
  6. If the connection to the micro:bit is successful, ‘t'(Temperature) will be displayed on the micro:bit’s LED.
  7. If the connection doesn’t work, turn the micro:bit completely off and back on, or click the reset button on the back.

Parts list

The parts list is at the bottom of the link below.