Interactive Science Simulation

파동의 전파 Wave Propagation

Wave Propagation

In science, a wave is a phenomenon in which energy is transmitted through the medium. Only energy is transmitted through the waves. The medium that participates in the vibration only vibrates and does not actually move. Not all waves require…
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하이포사이클로이드 Hypocycloid


A hypocycloid is a special plane curve generated by the trace of a fixed point on a small circle that rolls within a larger circle. If the radius of a large circle is R, and the radius of a small…
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에피사이클로이드 Epicycloid


Epicycloid refers to the trajectory drawn by a vertex on a small circle when a small circle is rolled outside a large circle. The radius of a large circle is denoted by R, the radius of a small circle is…
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사운드 분석 - 진동수와 음량

Sound Analysis

What is the main frequency of the sound around us? This simulation works on Microsoft Edge , not Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. Please allow to request access to the microphone.

자석은 왜 못을 끌어 당길까? Magnetic Induction

Magnetic Induction

Magnetic force appears Between magnets. The pushing force appears between the same poles, and the pulling force between the other poles. Generally, iron is not a magnet. However, if an iron is near the another magnet, iron has the property…
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로봇 청소기 코딩 게임 Robotic Vacuum

Robotic vacuum cleaner

Goals of coding The room is filled with dirty dust. You must order the robot vacuum cleaner to clean the room. Combine the blocks to make the room clean. Not all blocks may be used.

보모 개미의 아기 모으기a ベビーシッターアリの幼虫を気遣う Ant Nanny’s Larva Collecting

Ant Nanny’s Larva Collecting

Goals of coding Baby larvae are scattered all over the place. We have to order the nanny ants to collect the larvae. Combine the blocks to make the nanny ant collect the larvae.