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인덕터와 커패시터 Inductor and Capacitor 2

Inductor and Capacitor 2

Run High frequency alternating currents are difficult to pass through the inductor. An inductor is a part made by winding a wire. In the case of direct current, the inductor only works as a lead. When an AC voltage is…
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인덕터와 커패시터 Inductor and Capacitor

Inductor and Capacitor

Run   Switch Why does the current gradually increase in the inductor? When a current starts to flow in the inductor, a magnetic field is generated around the inductor at the same time. This change in magnetic field induces electromagnetic…
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중력의 범위와 세기 Range and Intensity of the Gravity

Range and Intensity of the Gravity

Gravity Every mass object has a pulling force. This force is proportional to the mass of the two objects, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two objects. This law is made by Newton as a…
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가솔린 기관의 오토 순환 과정 Otto Cycle at Gasoline Engines

Otto Cycle at Gasoline Engines

Heat engine A heat engine is a machine that operates by moving energy from a hot space to a cold space. In this process, the heat engine converts some of the heat energy into mechanical energy. All the heat engines…
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자화 Magnetization

Magnetization of Paramagnetic substance

Generally, iron is not a magnet. However, near the magnet, it is affected by the magnet and has the property of a magnet. Therefore, iron sticks to the magnet. In this way, the material that becomes magnetic by the side…
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운동 에너지와 제동 거리 Kinetic Energy and Stopping Distance

Kinetic Energy and Stopping Distance

2Vo 3Vo 4Vo Reset Run Kinetic energy All moving objects have kinetic energy. The kinetic energy Ek of an object with a mass of ‘m’ and a velocity of ‘v’ can be calculated as follows. \[E_{ k }=\frac { 1…
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이온 교환 수지 Ion Exchange Resin

Ion Exchange Resin

Reset Run Magic to turn hard water into soft water Soap does not dissolve well in hard water. On the other hand, soap is well solved in soft water. This is because hard water contains calcium ions(Ca2+) or magnesium ions(Mg2+).…
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방사성 물질의 반감기 Half Life Period of a Radioactive Substance

Half Life Period of a Radioactive Substance

Reset Radioactive Decay Radioactive decay The radioactive material can collapses their own nucleus structure. At the same time, nucleus emit some small particles or energy to the outside. The emitted particles and radioactive energy can cause damage to the human…
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북쪽 하늘의 일주 운동 Diurnal Motion of North Sky

Diurnal Motion of North Sky (WebGL)

Pin the Earth * This is a web page using WebGL technology and do not work in Internet explorer. Diurnal Motion Fix the camera towards the Polaris at night. When you shoot for a few hours in that state, you…
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이슬이 생기는 원리 Dew


Could the cup’s water leak out? From the conclusion, the water on the surface of the cup is derived from the air. In very dry desert, dew does not occur. If you put the ice in the cup, the surface…
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역류교환 Countercurrent Exchange

Countercurrent Exchange

Run In this simulation, Red arrow indicates high temperature, blue indicates low temperature, and purple indicates medium temperature. The temperature values are for your understanding only and may differ from the actual values. The initial temperature of the steam was…
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코리올리 효과 Coriolis Effect

Coriolis Effect

Path Speed Reset Run Coriolis effect The French mathematician Coriolis first explained that the direction of fluid movement on the Earth’s surface is slightly warped. You can observe this effect in all spinning places like Earth. The Coriolis effect causes…
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