Science simulation

충돌 Collision 2

Collision 2

Run In this experiment, You can experiment with a heavy golf ball and a light table tennis ball. Put the golf ball down and put a ping-pong ball on it, hold it…
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스트링 아트 String Art

String Art

You can create various string art works by utilizing the computer’s fast computing power.

클레이 사격 Clay Shooting

Clay Shooting

Projectile motion Let’s consider the movement of throwing an object horizontally. Assuming no air resistance, there is no horizontal force, so no change in horizontal speed. In other words, it’s constant velocity…
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용액의 반응 속도 Reaction Rate of Solution

Reaction Rate

Reset Synthetic Reaction(● + ● → ●) How do the concentration curves of reactants and products appear over time? Press the button to synthetic reaction.

에스터(에스테르) Ester


Another fruit Another fruit Ester Ester is a organic compounds having a -COO- group in the middle of their molecular structure. Esters usually have fragrance and are found in perfumes, herbal oils…
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시간기록계 Ticker Timer

Ticker Timer

Reset Run Ticker Timer It is a device to record the movement of an object by taking a spot on a paper tape at regular time intervals. A typical ticker timer is…
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소리굽쇠와 음파의 발생 Tuning Fork and Sound Wave

Tuning Fork and Sound Wave

The Tuning fork The tuning fork has a structure that combines two forked bars. When you vibrate the tuning fork, the tuning fork’s end repeats to get close and get far. The…
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파동의 전파 Wave Propagation

Wave Propagation

Reset In science, a wave is a phenomenon in which energy is transmitted through the medium. Only energy is transmitted through the waves. The medium that participates in the vibration only vibrates…
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트랜지스터 Transistor


Base Current Transistor There are so many switches in your computer. It is not a hand-push switch that we commonly use. It is a switch operated by electrical signals. The computer counts…
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