Interactive Science Simulation

자석은 왜 못을 끌어 당길까? Magnetic Induction

Magnetic Induction

Magnetic force appears Between magnets. The pushing force appears between the same poles, and the pulling force between the other poles. Generally, iron is not a magnet. However, near the magnet, it is affected by the magnet and has the…
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Robotic vacuum cleaner

Goals of coding The room is filled with dirty dust. You must order the robot vacuum cleaner to clean the room. Combine the blocks to make the room clean. Not all blocks may be used.

Ant Nanny’s Larva Collecting

Goals of coding Baby larvae are scattered all over the place. We have to order the nanny ants to collect the larvae. Combine the blocks to make the nanny ant collect the larvae.

Sorting game

How to play Select two cards. The selected card turns red. If you want to exchange the selected card, press the [Switch] button. If you think all the cards are in order, press the [Flip All] button to confirm. Try…
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검정교배 Test Cross

Test Cross

Find out how Mendel get a pure Breed. Press the button to ban a specific trait.

저항의 연결 Resistance Connection

Resistance Connection

In parallel circuit, The current splits up when it comes to a branch. The current in all the branches adds up to the current in the main part of the circuit. If one bulb breaks, the bulbs in the other…
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