등속 원운동의 조건 Condition of Circular Movement

Condition of Uniform Circular Motion

The angle between the direction of motion(blue) and direction and force(red) Run Even if the force works, the speed does not change? When an object moves linearly at a constant velocity, the…
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톱니바퀴 Gear


Let’s combine various gears by dragging the screen. How can I combine to speed up? How can I combine to slow it down?

비스듬히 던져 올린 물체의 운동 Projectile Motion

Projectile Motion

What about x-component of velocity during projectile motion? What about y-component of velocity during projectile motion? What direction does the object’s motion change? (Horizontal direction or vertical direction)

등가속 운동 Uniformly Accelerated Motion

Uniformly Accelerated Motion

Drop the object free by clicking on the screen. What is the relationship between the time-distance graph and the time-velocity graph?

엘리베이터 Elevator

Inertia Force of Elevator

How do you feel at each of the following moments? And why? When you start to climb the elevator When climbing at a constant speed in an elevator When I’m almost up…
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웹캠을 이용한 운동 분석 Motion Analysis using Webcam

Motion Analysis (with Webcam)

Mirror Fullscreen How to use Click on the object (usually a ball) to track on the screen. The position of the object is tracked and displayed on the screen at regular intervals.…
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