Collision Simulation

충돌 Collision 2

Collision 2

Run In this experiment, You can experiment with a heavy golf ball and a light table tennis ball. Put the golf ball down and put a ping-pong ball on it, hold it…
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충격 Impulse


Reset Run momentum Moving or rotating objects have the momentum. Momentum is a numerical representation of the motion of an object. The momentum of an object that is moving linearly can be…
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뉴턴의 진자 Newton's Cradle

Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s Cradle Newton’s cradle is made up of five iron balls, each of ball is suspended in two strings to prevent rotation of the ball. Originally, Newton’s cradle was created to show…
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스윙바이 Swingby 2

Slingshot Effect

rangeA Run Slingshot or gravity assist Let us suppose that we threw a perfectly elastic ball towards a moving train. And suppose that the mass of the train is very heavy. The…
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스윙바이 Swingby 1

Gravity Assist

rangeA Path view Run Gravity assist – How to increase the speed of a spacecraft using the gravity of the moon or Celestial Body Gravity assist is the use of the relative…
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