등속 원운동의 조건 Condition of Circular Movement

Condition of Uniform Circular Motion

The angle between the direction of motion(blue) and direction and force(red) Run Even if the force works, the speed does not change? When an object moves linearly at a constant velocity, the force applied to the object is zero because…
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스윙바이 Swingby 2

Slingshot Effect

Run Slingshot or gravity assist Let us suppose that we threw a perfectly elastic ball towards a moving train. And suppose that the mass of the train is very heavy. The mass of the ball is negligible compared to the…
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스윙바이 Swingby 1

Gravity Assist

Path view Run Gravity assist – How to increase the speed of a spacecraft using the gravity of the moon or Celestial Body Gravity assist is the use of the relative movement (e.g. orbit around the Sun) and gravity of…
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중력의 범위와 세기 Range and Intensity of the Gravity

Range and Intensity of the Gravity

Gravity Every mass object has a pulling force. This force is proportional to the mass of the two objects, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two objects. This law is made by Newton as a…
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뉴턴의 진자 Newton's Cradle

Newton’s Cradle

Newton’s Cradle Newton’s cradle is made up of five iron balls, each of ball is suspended in two strings to prevent rotation of the ball. Originally, Newton’s cradle was created to show Newton’s third law. If you hit a bead…
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단진자의 주기 Period of Pendulum

Period of Pendulum

A pendulum that vibrates can be classified as ‘simple pendulum’ and ‘physical pendulum’. A simple pendulum is a case in which the angular motion of an object can be ignored, such as a small object suspended from a string that…
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공진 Resonance


Find the frequency at which the amplitude is maximum at each rod. What is the relationship between thickness and resonant frequency?

톱니바퀴 Gear


Let’s combine various gears by dragging the screen. How can I combine to speed up? How can I combine to slow it down?

스프링 진자 Spring Pendulum

Spring Pendulum

What are the factors that affect the cycle of the spring pendulum? (The effect of reducing the amplitude by friction is ignored.)