단진자의 주기 Period of Pendulum

Period of Pendulum

A pendulum that vibrates can be classified as ‘simple pendulum’ and ‘physical pendulum’. A simple pendulum is a case in which the angular motion of an object can be ignored, such as a small object suspended from a string that…
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공진 Resonance


Find the frequency at which the amplitude is maximum at each rod. What is the relationship between thickness and resonant frequency?

톱니바퀴 Gear


Let’s combine various gears by dragging the screen. How can I combine to speed up? How can I combine to slow it down?

스프링 진자 Spring Pendulum

Spring Pendulum

What are the factors that affect the cycle of the spring pendulum? (The effect of reducing the amplitude by friction is ignored.)

빗면에서의 힘 Force on Inclined Plane

Force on Inclined Plane

Gravity acts on all objects. Suppose an object is placed on an inclined plane. This object is subjected to a force that slips downward by gravity. If the slope is θ, then the magnitude of this force is the product…
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중력 열차 Gravity Train

Gravity Train

What happens if you punch a long hole in the earth and then drop the object? By the way, is this really possible? How long does it take to get to the other side?

관성 모멘트 Moment of Inertia

Moment of Inertia

Why does a rolling object go down slower than an object that slides down?