편광 Polarization


Polarizers are made of long chained molecules which absorb light with electric fields. When you shine a light on a polarizer, only a part of the light is passed. The materials in the polarizing plate absorb only the electric field…
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파동의 전파 Wave Propagation

Wave Propagation

In science, a wave is a phenomenon in which energy is transmitted through the medium. Only energy is transmitted through the waves. The medium that participates in the vibration only vibrates and does not actually move. Not all waves require…
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소리의 높낮이와 소리의 크기 Sound Wave

Sound pitch and volume

This simulation works on Edge, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It does not work on Internet Explorer, Opera Mini. The pitch of the sound is related to the frequency. The pitch of the sound is completely different from the volume.…
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