사람의 유전자 전달 Human Gene Transfer

Genetic diversity

Run Next Child Genetic diversity Suppose a child inherit chromosomes from parents and construct a new pair of chromosome pairs. A child can receives an ‘A’ or ‘a’ from his mother and…
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생태계 Ecosystem


Hare – Hare + Wolf – Wolf + Run About this simulation The length of the red bar shows the vitality. It gradually decreases with time. When the vitality is zero, it…
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검정교배 Test Cross

Test Cross

Find out how Mendel get a pure Breed. Press the button to ban a specific trait.

멘델 유전의 원리 Mendel`s Law of Heredity

Mendel`s Law of Heredity

Find the gene delivery process by dragging the screen. Estimate the proportion of phenotypes appearing in offspring.

ABO 혈액형의 유전 Blood Type Genetic

ABO Blood Type

What determines a person’s blood type? You can click on the button to mate several traits. Find the gene delivery process by dragging the screen.

독립의 법칙 Dihybrid cross

Dihybrid Cross

Explore the process that takes place when the pea plant with two different alleles. In Mendel’s genetic experiments, he observed this pattern: The inheritance of one characteristic had no influence over the…
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현미경의 뒤집힌 상 Inverted Image of Microscope

Inverted Image of Microscope

Move the preparat. Why does the image move in the opposite direction? Depending on the type of microscope, how is the direction of movement different? * Cell image source:

세포는 왜 작을까? Why are Cells Small?

Why are Cells Small?

As a cell increases in size, what happens to the distance nutrients must travel to reach the center/nucleus of the cell? Is this good or bad for the cell and why?