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Sorting game

How to play Select two cards. The selected card turns red. If you want to exchange the selected card, press the [Switch] button. If you think the cards are in order, press the [Flip All] button to confirm. Try to…
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검정교배 Test Cross

Test Cross

Find out how Mendel get a pure Breed. Press the button to ban a specific trait.

저항의 연결 Resistance Connection

Resistance Connection

In parallel circuit, The current splits up when it comes to a branch. The current in all the branches adds up to the current in the main part of the circuit. If one bulb breaks, the bulbs in the other…
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건습구습도계 Psychrometer(hygrometry)


A hygrometer consisting of a dry-bulb thermometer and a wet-bulb thermometer. Dry-bulb is a ordinary thermometer. And wet-bulb is the thermometer with wet sock. Thus, wet-bulb measured a little lower due to the evaporation heat. Their difference indicates the dryness…
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