Science simulation


What is JavaLab?

Javalab Free interactive science simulation website for school. Simulates various natural phenomena Includes Physics, Chemistry, Earth, Astronomy, Biology, Measurment, Mathmatics… Based on HTML5 Available on mobile devices and tablets also No more…
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아르키메데스의 원리 Archimedes Buoyancy 1

Archimedes Buoyancy 1

Why is the submerged volume important to understand buoyancy? It is so famous that the 3rd century Greek philosopher Archimedes shouted “Eureka!” and ran out of the bathhouse in naked. (What did…
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이온 결합력 Ionic Bond

Ionic Bond

Formation and energy of the ionic bonds Metal atoms have strong properties to lose electrons and become cations. On the contrary, non-metallic atoms have strong properties to obtain electrons and become anions.…
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다이오드 Diode


Diode is one of electric parts to allows to flow one driection. Diodes are made by bonding two types of semiconductors. In order for current to flow, what kind of semiconductor should…
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Structure of ammeter

Ammeter The strength of the current in the electrical circuit is measured using an ammeter. There is a rotor with a coil wound inside the ammeter. When the current flows through the…
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전류 Electric Current

Electric Current, Conductor, Insulator

Electric voltage(Regions of positive or negative charge, such as those at the terminals of a battery) force electrons through a conductor. Electrons that have negative charge can be moved around a circuit.…
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온도와 반응 속도 Temperature and Reaction Rate

Temperature and Reaction Rate

Heat and molecular motion Every object is made up of atoms or molecules that are small particles that can not be seen by the eye. These particles are constantly move or oscillate…
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폐의 표면적 Area of Lung

Area of Lung

Respiratory organ To maintain life, we absorb oxygen from the air. And we export carbon dioxide from the body. Human respiratory organs include nose, organs, bronchi, lungs. Each bronchus in the lung…
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파스칼의 원리 Pascals Principle

Pascal’s Principle

Pascal’s Principle The Pascal’s principle is as follows. “Suppose a closed tube filled with uncompressed fluid. Then, the pressure of this tube’s inside is the same everywhere.” For example, If you press…
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직류 전동기 DC Motor

DC Motor

Motor An electric motor is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy by utilizing the force received by a conductor through which a current flows in a magnetic field. Electric…
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Zodiac The Ecliptic is the way the sun passes in the sky. zodiac means 12 constellations on the ecliptic. It is said that zodiac was made in Babylonia around the 7th century…
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가변저항 Potentiometer


Potentiometer The potentiometer is an electronic component that allows you to adjust the resistance value freely. The potentiometer is used to adjust the volume of sound in audio equipment and so on.…
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